Thursday, June 20, 2013

Online Studio

After my last blog confession, about not painting lately and feeling uninspired, I have decided to start posting more about the lessons I give in my studio.
 I have been very creative in my teaching lately and have had a lot of fun coming up with new and challenging ideas for classes. I know that I  love reading blogs with ideas for lesson plans, and from creative moms who post their ideas of what to do with their kids.

I have been teaching for quite some time now and have accumulated a lot of very successful lessons for all ages. All tried and tested on my lovely students! Before I started teaching I was inspired by the many creative ideas I found on-line and in books. I love and have always loved Art History. I collect art history books, and love to read about artists and how and why they do/did what they do/did!  I learned to appreciate a lot of different types of art which I didn’t always understand before. When my boys were younger, I wanted to share this with them and used a lot of online lesson plans and books to help me learn how to pass this on to my children. I found I was very good at this; probably because when you love something so much it shows through and is contagious! My kids use to (Ha! Did I really just use past tense!!!?? ) have lots of friends over and I noticed how much they enjoyed creating with us and learning about art. This was a huge influence on my decision to go back to school and not just learn art but become certified art teacher. I wanted to learn how to teach art to others.  I started to teach a small group of 8-10 year old girls in my home while I was still in school. It was so much fun!!

Since then, I have not looked back. I finished school and opened my own studio where I still teach not only kids, but all ages. My students range in age from  6 to 90. Every age has its challenge. I am very grateful for my classes in art education. You really have to know what is appropriate to teach for each individual based on personality, learning style, capabilities and age. I am still learning, of course. I learn from my students every day. But those lessons online really gave me the push to try with my own kids and then with others.

SO…My wish is that this new part of my blog inspires you to try some of my ideas at home. Whether you are a grown up or a kid, a teenager or an art student, I hope you will find something here. I will give lessons for all ages and examples of my students’ art (with their permission, of course). Feel free to use these ideas with your kids or students or if you home school, to add on to your curriculum.

I'm calling this new part of the website/blog "Online Studio" Please feel free to stop by and create with us!
Sending creative energy your way,


  1. Yes, you did use the past tense, but you missed out the letter "d". It's a good thing I'm here.

    Sesame Street thanks you for your future consideration.

  2. Your students love your classes and you. they come away on a high and it seems I always meet one of them on her way home. SHe is really flying, loving , creating and so happy that you have helped her reonnect with something she loves and is doing really great at. She keeps pushing me to join so I can benefit from your class, but so far...!?!?!? Keep up your wonderful work inspiring, teaching and mentoring allot of grateful students ...

  3. Wow,Deena, I can't wait to see your ideas. After reading about your attitude towards being a mother, I am sure I will learn all kinds of new and special things from you to do with my kids!

  4. What a great idea. But please let us see more of your work, too; not only your students.
    You are an inspiration to so many of us.