Friday, March 29, 2013

Finding my blogging voice…

In writing the continuation of my last blog I realized a lot of things about myself and this space.
 Last time, I wrote about how I see spirals in everything and how I was starting to see the spiral in a new way. I was starting to see a bigger picture. Before I got into this new thought process, I thought I would explain how I related to it all before. But when I started writing, I realized just how personal it all was and it started me thinking on just how much I want to share here on this blog for the world to see and read.
At first, I erased everything I wrote; thinking- this is way too personal! Why would I share that? And why would someone want to read that? But on the other hand, it's hard to explain certain things without getting personal. The writing starts to be cold, and boring.
 I realized that the blogs that I do like to read were personal. When I read them I feel like I know that person, and then I want to read more. Some blogs can get too personal though. And the blogs I have stopped reading, are the ones that over share. There is a very fine line between getting personal, but not over sharing.
 I started this blog saying that it wasn’t going to be about me. I don’t want to write about my day to day, what my kid did, and who said what to me…..I don’t want that out there and I don’t think people would want to read that.  I wanted it to be all about inspiration, woman, art and creativity. But all those things ARE personal. And to write about them I guess I m going to have to be a little more personal. I realize I am afraid. Afraid to be too personal. Afraid to put that stuff out there for whomever wants to read. Afraid I may bore you or  be uninteresting. But what I am starting to understand is that my fears are blocking me. I started this blog as a new creative challenge for myself. But it has turned into much more than that. I love to hear back from people that have actually  read what I have to say. I am moved by your words. I love the fact that someone I don’t know, on the other side of the world, may be inspired by something I write.  Or that it might start a conversation between us!
I am always telling my students that if there is something that they are afraid to try, then that is exactly the next thing they are doing in my class! If we are afraid to try, we will never move on. We will be stuck. Blocked, like I have been.  So, I am going to take my own advice, and am going to try that here on my blog. I will try to be more open about me and my life without over sharing. I hope what I have to say inspires you. I hope that if I write a little more about my personal life and how I am inspired, by what and whom, that may inspire you.  This is all new to me. I am learning as I go. Finding my "blogging voice" in a way..It is taking some time, but I am learning I hope you will stay with me. I hope you will comment on my blog so others can see. I hope I learn from you and you from me.
I will end with one of my favorite quotes by Sir Ken Robinson " If you are not prepared to be wrong, then you’ll never come up with anything original"
So, here’s to original thought, without fear , which will bring us all to closer to our creative potential.
Wishing you all an amazing weekend.

Monday, March 11, 2013


I've been thinking a lot about spirals lately.

I mean I'm always thinking about spirals; seeing spirals, painting spirals, and I have already written about spirals and my connection to them. How spirals are in everything from our DNA, to how things grow in nature and even in how we connect to G-d. The Tree of Life symbolizes how we connect to G-d and the path we take. We each have our own path and our own way of relating to G-d, or whatever higher energy you believe in. Or maybe you don’t believe in a higher energy and you believe only in science; the spirals are there in science, too.

So, we each have our paths and we live our own lives, yet we connect to people and influence each others paths. Are our paths destiny or pre ordained? Do we meet people randomly or are they put in our paths (and us in theirs) for a reason?

These thoughts have been "spiraling" through my brain lately and I will probably expand on all of this in coming blogs. In the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts. It may influence my path; my journey of discovery.

So please share your thoughts here on this blog with me and all my readers. You never know whose path you will influence or change…