Thursday, September 20, 2012

Musings on teaching

Musings on teaching….

I have written a lot about my art and my life connected to art, but what I haven’t yet talked about on this blog, is  a very important piece  of my artistic career- Teaching!
There is that saying by George Bernard Shaw which people always joke about "He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches." As I sat down to write these musings, that quote popped into my head, and I was thinking of its validation. I think that there are plenty of people that excel in what they "do" but cannot teach it to others. And there are those who teach, not because they "cannot" but maybe for more practical reasons like…making money! There are many successful artists who still need to teach to make enough money to live. It is actually very practical. You love something; you are good at it; why not try and pass that on to others! Inspire! That’s what good teaching is all about, right? Inspiring.
I think that I "do" and I "teach" from my passion to "do".  Does that make sense?
I love to teach. I went back to school later on in life. It took me awhile to reconnect with myself and discover what I wanted to do. But when I went back to school, it wasn’t just to do and learn art, but specifically to learn how to teach art to others. The biggest part of my education was reconnecting with myself as an artist. I became passionate about art again. When I teach, I feel my job is to inspire others with my passion for art and what I "do". If I didn’t "do" it, I don’t think I could teach it.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Committing to writing a blog

Committing to writing a blog

So, maybe committing to writing a blog right before summer vacation started wasn’t the best idea! I have taken a month off without meaning too! After camp was over and the kids were home fulltime, well…time flew by without me realizing it. But it was a great summer. The kids had fun, relaxed, and have now gotten back into a school schedule, and my life is back on track. My classes have all restarted. It is great to have people back in the studio creating and having fun. I now have time to paint again and get back to my Thursday morning blog writing!
 I started this blog more for myself than anything. I have written in the past that I don’t want this blog to be just about me and my life. My intention isn’t to tell you all about myself and for people to comment and relate to that.  I do feel I have a story to tell and experiences to share that would benefit others; and I have seen on other blogs and know for myself that sometimes just reading that someone else is dealing with similar issues as you can help you get through them. When I first got divorced, I read a lot of blogs of other single parents and I felt less alone; not only because of what they wrote, but seeing so many others responding and hearing their stories as well. It really made me believe in the good side of the internet! A place for people to connect and share.
But, I started this for another reason. Like I said: for myself - to challenge myself.
I have always loved to write. When I was little I wrote poems. Cute little poems that I was very proud of and very embarrassed if my parent read them out loud! As I grew older my writing was more for myself, and I never thought of it as a creative outlet.
I never even thought of it as creative! My art was what made me "Artistic" and "Creative". Writing was more personal. The older I have gotten, and the more writing has benefited me in my life, I realize the strong relation it has to my Art. A lot of the same feeling I get when painting, I get when writing. The frustration when nothing comes out…and the excitement when it all just overflows and pours out!! As Picasso said, “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary"
So, to me, this blog is also my new creative challenge: every week, to sit down and commit to writing. Writing publicly! Putting myself a little (a lot!!!) out of my comfort zone. This is how we grow, as people and as artists. By connecting with others and putting ourselves out there.
One of my favorite quotes is by Mark Rothko and Adolph Gottlieb "To us art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take the risks"
So this is my new adventure, and I am taking a risk with you and myself with the hopes of growing personally, artistically and connecting in a new way to the world.