Friday, May 24, 2013

I haven’t been writing much lately (as you probably noticed). Actually, I have not been so great with my painting lately either! That is hard for me to admit; maybe that is why I haven’t been writing… my guilt of not creating? How can I write about creating and trying to inspire others when I can’t inspire myself?  But, I suddenly realized that that is not true. I do inspire others! Everyday! THAT I have been doing. In my studio. In my classes. Wow! I do that EVERYDAY. What a realization! So, no- I haven’t really been painting lately. I can now openly admit that. I have been sketching a lot and drawing in my journal. But that’s like meditating. It’s for me-to help me focus. But, everyday I teach others. Everyday I get to have people in my studio, my amazing students, whom I hopefully inspire, but who definitely inspire me. That is a blessing. I am so lucky.
I am sharing today some personal pages from my journal. I hope they will inspire you to draw or paint or even doodle as I do sometimes. These are not paintings. These are pages from my journal that I usually start my day with. Like I said, to me this is like my morning meditation. I start my day with my coffee and my journal and just start drawing whatever comes out. Sometimes it’s words, sometimes images or just doodles. I have seen online, that there is a name for these doodles now, called Zen doodles. It makes sense, since the process of doodling like this is very meditive. The process is like meditation where you are super focused on the shapes and images you are creating and in such, you relax your body and soul.
If you want to create and don’t know where to start, this is a great way to start. It gets the creative juices flowing in a very non- threatening way. Anyone can do it! Even my 7 year old has started to do these! 

Enjoy. Create. And have fun!