Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Nature Series

I love trees, and have always felt connected to them and their earthy tones; from the brown of the mud from which they grow, to the different shades on tree trunks, up to the branches and leaves of green. The changing colors and shapes of the leaves as the sun hits the tree.
Trees are so much more then just plants. They represent life. Their roots spreading underground, growing up and out into the sky, interacting with our breath and air. We are connected.

My Beautiful Tree- Family, Motherhood and Life

My tree is beautiful
Sometimes bent and broken
Full of leaves
At full blossom
Others bare and hopeful
Peaceful and calm
Or rattling in the wind
But always beautiful

The trees in this series, represent for me, family and life.
Sometimes, soft, simple, beautiful and blooming,

Others bent over and broken , the branches are all complicated and intertwined and yet so beautiful. Life growing from the desert sand.

Or that one last hopeful leaf clinging to the bare branches.

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